Koh Phi Phi overview

Koh Phi Phi Travel Guide
This island is situated just a short 45-minute boat journey from Phuket and is awash with tourists coming to sample the white sandy beaches and swim in the turquoise waters. Part of the problem with idyllic destinations is that tourists flock to see them and ironically turn what was once idyllic into somewhere that is a polluted version of its former glory, and Phi Phi is often wavering on the brink of self destruction. Much work has gone into reconstructing the island after the 2004 Asian tsunami, and today it is back up and running with guesthouses, bars and restaurants all thriving. Travellers can enjoy relaxing on the beach or daytrips snorkelling, diving and sightseeing. The north and south facing beaches are by far the most beautiful in the area and are lined with everything any holidaymakers would need on a trip.