Phang Nga overview

Phang Nga Travel Guide
Phang Nga is a town surrounded by great natural beauty on the Andaman Coast in Thailand. The seaside province is as pretty under the water as it is on the surface and many tourists are drawn here every year for scuba diving. There is also a diverse melting pot of local customs here, with Muslims, Buddhist, Thai-Chinese and even sea gypsies living together in blissful harmony. This mix of cultures also means that there is pretty much always something to celebrate in Phang Nga and tourists will normally be able to catch at least one strange traditional ritual while in town. If not, you can satisfy you cultural curiosity by taking a trip to the island of Ko Surin to meet the Morgan Sea Gypsies. You may, however, have to battle through the throngs of westerners with cameras to catch a glimpse of a genuine villager.